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Scandinavian Entomology Inc.
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ESS — Insect Systematics & Evolution Supplements
(earlier: Entomologica scandinavica Supplements)
OES — Opuscula entomologica Supplements
OS — Opuscula entomologica
E — Entomologen
CIS — Catalogus Insectorum Sueciae

Because of the rapid changes of exchange rate between SEK and US $ our prices are given in Swedish currency. 1 US$ appr. 7 SEK; 1 € = 9–10 SEK. Postage and check redemption are not included. If you pay through bank or check we must ask for an additional SEK 175 to cover our bank costs.

To order, please submit:

Title, and/or No. of volume, and Quantity
(For example: ESS, 10, qty 1)
Your name
Delivery adress
Invoice adress, if different
Telephone and/or fax number if ordering by traditional mail



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